BAttle in a Box


The HAWKs Present the

Battle in a Box Contest

at Cold Wars 2019

    The Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (HAWKs) are hosting a contest to identify the best “battle in a box” miniatures game.  The basic idea behind this contest is to challenge game masters to develop the best looking and most fun miniatures game that can fit in a single box, one that could fit in the overhead bin of a standard passenger airplane.  Often it is helpful to have a battle in a box to take on vacation, have on hand in case a club event finishes early, or is cancelled, etc.  It is easy to develop a battle in a box that has poor aesthetics, but fitting a very nice game into a single box should be a bit challenging. 

   The Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (HAWKs) are sponsoring a contest at Cold Wars 2019 to see who can present the nicest game possible within a constrained space budget.

    Yes, that’s right Cold Wars 2019.  This should give you plenty of time to plan and execute your game.


  1. BulletContest rules are subject to change without notice.  Check this site from time to time for updates.

  2. BulletYou can download the rules and entry form here.  If there is a discrepancy between the downloadable rules and this Web page, the downloadable rules take precedence.

  3. BulletJudges rulings are final.

The contest will be held at Cold Wars 2019 in or near the HAWKs room.  Members of the HAWKs and Battle in a Box contestants will conduct the judging.  The winner will be announced at 11:00 PM Saturday evening and posted on the HAWKs blog ( within a day or two.  The judges’ decisions are final.


Contest Rules:

Games that violate any of the criteria below will be disqualified.

o   The game must be a miniatures game.  Any scale of miniatures is acceptable. 

o   All game components must fit in a 17-liter Really Useful Box ( with the lid snapped shut.  This exact 17-liter box must be used; other boxes of similar size or dimensions are not acceptable.   This is to ensure that all contestants are on an equal footing.  It is the GM’s responsibility to procure this box for his or her game.

o   When the game is completed, all game components must fit back into the box with the lid snapped shut.

o   The term “all game components” includes dice, measuring devices, ground cloth, terrain pieces, play aids, rules, writing devices, figures, and anything needed to play the game.  Only the single 17-liter box will be allowed on the table.

o   The box itself may be used as part of the game.

o   The game must be capable of including at least four players.

o   The game must occupy a table that is no larger than six feet by five feet in size.

o   The game must last between two and three hours.

o   Game masters will have no more than 30 minutes to set up their games and 30 minutes to clean up their games.  Only the game master may set up the game; helpers are not authorized during set up.  Helpers may assist during the running of the game and during cleanup.

o   Contestants must be registered Cold Wars attendees.

o   Contestants must sign, scan, and submit registration forms to not later than 1 December 2018 -- sooner is better. 

o   GMs who cannot be reached by phone or Email after three attempts will be disqualified.

o   Contestants will be assigned a slot of “morning” (0900-1200), “afternoon” (1300-1600), or “evening” (1700-2000) once they register their games.  If you have a strong preference for a particular time slot, indicate that on your registration form.  Time slots will be awarded on a first come first served basis.  We will attempt to assign time slots before the deadline for registering other games at Cold Wars.

o   Contestants will also judge games during one of the two time slots in which they are not competing.  If you have a strong preference for one of the time slots, include that on your registration form.



Here is an example of a 54mm chariot racing game that fits in a 17 liter Really Useful Box.  You can see what the box looks like when it is snapped shut, when the lid is removed, and when the tray holding the rules and dice is removed to reveal the chariots and ground cloth folded in the bottom.

A game need not be 1:2400 ships in order to fit into the 17 liter box.  Be creative!

Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third places.

Can you create the most clever, aesthetically pleasing game that can fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane?