Combat Patrol(TM) at NJCon

NJ Con will be held on 9-10 June in New Jersey.  A number of the HAWKs are going to head up to run a few games.  Among the games we are taking up there are three Combat Patrol(TM) games.

Zeb Cook is running a cowboy game using his under-development Wild West variant of Combat Patrol(TM): World War II.  Various factions battle it out in a wild west town.

Duncan Adams will run a War of 1812 game using his recently released black powder era supplement for Combat Patrol(TM).  This scenario is set in a small Caribbean coastal village.  The Americans land in the village to push out the British.

I will be running a US vs. Moros game, set in a coastal village in the Philippines.

Come and experience the streamlined mechanics of Combat Patrol.   Cards are used to resolve combat, not just manage activation.  A card draw takes the place of calculating a bunch of modifiers, rolling some dice, and then looking up a result on a table.  The result is that you can fight the game, not the rules.  Check out the rules’ Web page for demonstration videos, free downloads, and other information.

See you there!