Star Wars with Combat Patrol(TM): 28 December 2017

GM Greg getting us started

One of the guys in our club, Duncan, traditionally hosts a war-game sometime between Christmas and New Years Day at his house.  This year we combined a viewing of the new Star Wars movie in the morning with a Star Wars game in the afternoon.  For this game, we used the recently released Star Wars supplement for Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.  The scenario, The Trap, involved a group of Rebels attacking the cargo bay of an Imperial ship.  Stormtroopers counterattack from two sides and dealt he blast doors.  Later in the scenario, the crew of the Phantom from the Rebels TV series reinforce the rebels and try to get them out of the bay.  The Rebels are also assisted by Asoka Tano.

Initial Rebel dispostion in the center of the cargo bay.

We rebels were in the middle of the bay as sitting ducks when the Stormtroopers sprang their trap.  The Stormtroopers were led by Darth Duncan (Vader).

A stunned Asoka Tano takes on a squad of Stormtroopers single-handedly.

One of the Rebel squads was pretty well decimated early in the game by advancing Stormtroopers.  Asoka launchd herself at the Stormtroopers.  After a few rounds of hand-to-hand combat, she defeated a squad.

Rebels trying to break out of the bay have left the cover of the cargo pallets.

To win, the Rebels had to get out of one of the two blast doors on opposite sides of the cargo bay.  They picked one side and dashed for it.  Unfortunately, that was the side led by Darth Duncan.  Duncan unleashed the Sith power of “Rage.”  This essentially launched his Stormtroopers in a banzai charge against the Rebels.  While Darth Duncan’s Stormtroopers were pretty badly mangled in the attack, he tied up the Rebels and gave the other Stormtroopers a chance to close on our rear from the other blast door.

Who is the oblivious spaceman in the center of the table?!
Kanan has fallen during the Rage attack.

By the end of the game, most of our named heroes had been incapacitated except for Asoka, and most of our Rebels were also knocked out.  It was a pretty convincing victory for the Imperial forces.  Greg will be running this scenario at Barrage and Cold Wars.