One of the HAWKs is the faculty mentor for the Harford Community College gaming club.  That club runs a gaming day every year, called HARCON.  The HAWKs have supported HARCON for years with games.  This is a small, multi-genre event, so we found years ago, that we are unlikely to get someone to devote four hours to a miniatures game, but they are willing to give it a try for an hour or two.

The game is afoot!

For the past three years, we have been running a really large game that allows passers by to participate for an hour or two.  We have en0ugh of our own HAWKs around the table to act as opponents and keep the game moving.

This year’s theme at HARCON was Steam Punk, so we decided to run a large GASLIGHT game set on Mars with many different factions.

Venusians attacking Prussians
Rooman crosswbowmen close assault a British timer clad
Bicycle lancers battling British infantry for control of the crashed aether flyer.
Sanwar advancing on the female lancers
Female hussars with helicopter support advancing toward the Sanwar
More fighting around the crashed airship
Ostrich lancers and Roomans advance!
British infantry, plant men, and Red Martians
Roomans with support from “the copper tank.”
Another view of Venusians
Another view of ostrich lancers
Green Martians fighting female hussars, including some mounted on “Death Jaws.”

Though attendance at HARCON seemed to be a little light, the game was fun and successful.  We introduced six new people to miniatures gaming.