Wars of Ozz Play Test at HAWKs Night

I was up in Maryland last weekend and had a chance to rejoin the HAWKs for club night. Along with Chris Palmer, Greg Priebe, Duncan Adams and Zeb Cook, we staged a rather large play test of Wars of Ozz. The rules are coming along. Each play test uncovers some minor issue that needs to be addressed or more clearly described in the draft rules, but the basic mechanics are working pretty well.

Zeb’s Winkies and Great Winged Apes attack Chris’ Munchkins and Great Pumpkin Heads while Greg holds the Munchkin center.
Duncan’s Quadling infantry and cavalry advance up the center to seize the Munchkin village. Duncan’s die rolling was habitually poor, so his forces advanced pretty slowly.
In the foreground you can see some Munchkins defending the field and town while Eric’s and Kevin’s Winkies (played with ersatz figures) advance.
A long shot of the table about 1/3 into the game.

We have Wars of Ozz official figures of Munchkins, some Winkies, and some of the other allies, but as we continue to play test the rules, we use ersatz figures as stand ins.

A close up shot of Zoraster’s guard defending a hedged field.
A view of two Winkie regiments early in the game.
All smiles before the carnage began.
The bad guys prepare to attack.