Someone to Fight the Vikings

I have been in airports the last two weekends on travel for work, so I didn’t get as much done hobby-wise as I would have liked. Still, I managed to get a few things done.

Some Anglo-Somethings to fight the Vikings.

Recall that Greg and I purchased large 60-figure bags of Vikings and Anglo-Somethings (Danes? Saxons? Hottentots?) at Cold Wars in March. I finished the Vikings, but I am about half done (as of this post) with the adversaries.

More defenders of Christendom (or Pagandom?)
And a few more. I didn’t have shield transfers for all the non-circular shields, so I decided to hand paint all of them.
The last four that I completed last night.

Two weekends ago my Prusa Mini 3D printer arrived after being on back order since March. It was very, very easy to set up. My first 3D print (after calibration) was this little cannon for my science fiction collection.

3D printed cannon.

There was an issue with the stl file. The cannon barrel wouldn’t fit through the armor plate. You can see where I cut the cannon, because it didn’t quite go together correctly. I think it was good when I glued it, but it moved while it dried (while I was on business travel). Well, it’s good enough, I guess. You can’t have too many ways to kill tanks when you began your career as an infantryman like I did.

I am working on a neat Imperial transport that I 3D printed, but I will show those pictures when it is done.

More Albedo Armor (or Armour if you prefer)

My kids got me some Albedo Combat Patrol vehicles for my birthday, and I finished painting them up. I decided to paint them in urban ops gray instead of green or brown like the bulk of my ACP 164 equipment. I spray primed with Tamiya gray primer (absolutely the best primer on the planet for the price — very smooth and great coverage) and then the rest of dry brushing. I am pretty happy with the outcome.

A wide(ish) shot of both vehicles and a few EDF troopers.
A closer look.
An even closer look.
They bought me an extra turret that I can use to up-gun one of the vehicles, depending on the tactical situation.

Victorix Vikings

We played a long Wars of Ozz game via Zoom yesterday, but I still managed to complete some Viking figures. Greg and I bought a bag of 60 Anglo-Danes and 60 Vikings at Cold Wars 2019 and split the bags. I have completed about half of my Vikings and hope to complete the rest this week.

Vikings coming up the beach.
And they brought buddies…
A lot of them.

I am still not a fan of plastic figures, because I think the weapons are too fragile for gaming, particularly the way clods pick them up by the handful at conventions. Ideally, I would like to see plastic figures with metal weapons.

I Didn’t Accomplish Much Hobby Related this Week

Here are pictures of the few figures I managed to get painted. Much of the week was spent assembling, priming, and basing some Victrix Vikings.

Five more figures from the Pulp Figures “Dangerous Dames” Kickstarter.
Four more ducks from the Star Hat Miniatures Kickstarter.

Most of the beaches are open in Florida except for particularly hard-hit counties. Tom is allowed to travel up to 100 miles from Ft. Rucker, so we are going to meet him for a little beach time. It will be the first time we’ve all been together since Christmas.