Recently Completed Fantasy Figures

When I began work on Wars of Orcs and Dwarves, the adaptation or Wars of Ozz for massed-battle fantasy games,  I realized that I had no fantasy figures.  Oh, I had a handful of figures from high school that we used in role-playing games, but nothing like the number of figures needed for massed-battle games.  So, I started painting fantasy figures.  My armies are mostly hobbits (from a variety of manufacturers, including Mirlaton, Assault Group, and Wargames Atlantic) and orcs (Old Glory, 3D printed figures, Dragon Bait, and Minifigs).

I have enough hobbits to create three player’s worth (three brigades), including cavalry and artillery.  When I completed the orc infantry, I realized that I didn’t have cavalry or artillery for them.  I reached out to Ironwind to see if I could get some Death Jaws, which are generally out of production.  Ironwind has many of the old molds, and if you reach out to them, they can often make figures for you.   (Unfortunately, they don’t have the molds for Roomans.

So below are pictures of Death Jaws and another similar type of cavalry, Fast Claws, that I recently painted.  Note that the majority of my orcs are in Original D&D yellow instead of GW green.  Enjoy.

A unit of five Death Jaw lancers. Don’t make fun of the pink mounts because they will eat your face. I added these leftover Victorix Viking shields
A slightly different view of the lancers.
A five-based unit of Death Jaws with swords.
Fast Claw cavalry with swords.
I sprayed the mounts with a flecked Testors paint I got in the model section at Hobby Lobby. I think the effect is good.
Another, closer view of the Fast Claws.

I hope to get these on the table soon.

I have ordered some interesting and eclectic orc artillery units that should arrive shortly to complete my orc force.  I also ordered some old-school Ral Partha Legacy goblins like the ones I had back in high school to provide allies for the orcs.

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