Welcome to my Web page.  Here you will find information about both my personal and professional life.  You can find additional information on www.bucksurdu.com/blog. Email Me

Snippets of My Life

I am a computer scientist and career Army officer.  I began my career in 1981 when I entered West Point as a Plebe.  I served in a variety of infantry assignments as well as assignments related to technology development.  Details of my career, activities, and publications can be found on the “Professional” page.

My hobby is miniatures wargaming.  This is an exciting hobby and a great activity for children.  Details of my hobby and activities can be found on my “Personal” page.

In addition, I have been wargaming with the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (HAWKs) for well over twenty-five years.  Our annual gaming day is held in September.  Information about the upcoming gaming day can be found at the Barrage website.

Some humor, quotes, and politics can be found on my Humor and Quotes page.

My views lean pretty far to the right, and the quotes I’ve selected reflect that bias.  If that might offend you, please avoid this link.