Zombies by GASLIGHT

Last night the HAWKs tested out the rules we are working to play zombie games with GASLIGHT.  We intend to include these in The Compendium.


This is a picture of one of the games we played that Chris took with his iPhone.  At this point, Duncan’s corporate babes with guns were surrounded by zombies, but he managed to get most of his folks off the table.  One of them, however, was infected in the process and later turned into a zombie herself.

In the game, whenever you make noise, the place the noise was made is marked with a “noise marker.”  We used green, glass beads.  When the zombie card comes up, you roll to see how many zombies are attracted to the spot.  We typically put them about 12″ from the spot.  Zombies tend to pop up out of heaps of trash, old rags, closets, etc.

The rules worked well.  The consensus was that the zombies were a bit too hard to kill, so we’ll probably make their Save number a little worse, but otherwise, what we did seemed to work pretty well.  Everyone had a good time.