Duncan’s Traditional Christmastime Game

A view of Duncan's Christmas game
Woody Kineval, Don, Noah, Eric, and Geoff admiring the chaos.

One of many HAWKs traditions is the Christmastime game at Duncan’s house sometime during the holidays.  Often the game is set in the War of 1812 and often in the winter.  This year Duncan hosted an American raid on a British encampment in Canada in the winter.  The American objective was to capture supplies, loot, and plunder.  The British objective was to hang onto their gear.

Kurt, Noah, Don, and Eric
Kurt, Noah, Don, and Eric

In the past, Duncan has used a variety of different rule sets, including GASLIGHT, for these games.  This year Duncan wanted to try using my G.A.M.E.R. rules that are under development.  In general, though there are questions about a set of rules that are still under development, the system worked well enough.

Dave's men rushed to the front, and then couldn't the broad side of a barn.
Dave's men rushed to the front and then couldn't the broad side of a barn.

Each player had two six-man groups and a leader to control.  Dave’s troops had high morale (“guts”) but terrible accuracy (“shooting skill”).  He rushed forward toward the enemy and then missed with nearly all his shots and Don laughed at him and taunted him.

Kurt and Noah
Duncan, Kurt, Noah, and Don

There was a furious melee in the woods just behind the plantation house, where Noah is seen in the photo moving his troops.  After the melee, which lasted a few turns, Eric was victorious, and Noah was out of the game.  Don taunted Noah too.

Hot and heavy fighting developed around the central plantation house

On my side of the table, Bruce occupied the brown building in the picture and then proceeded to decimate Jim’s and my forces.  We thought Bruce’s forces were snipers armed with Gatling guns.  On the first or second turn, Rob incapacitated my officer.  The officer had moved to the edge of the woods in the center right of the picture to locate the enemy.  He found them, but didn’t live long enough to let the troops know.  By the end of the game Rob and I had ground each other to a pulp, but he managed to capture two cows.  Don taunted me as well.

The game was a lot of fun.  Lots of folks brought cookies and snacks, so the holiday season pig out continued unabated as we battled.

Thanks to Duncan for hosting!

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