I have been working some insane hours at work the past month, but this weekend, I finally had a chance to finish some figures I began a while ago.  The first batch are some Japanese infantry that I will be using with the South Pacific supplement of Combat Patrol(TM): World War II.   I don’t know the manufacturer of the figures, since I picked them up in a bag from a flea market.

To paint these, I first primed them in Krylon camouflage brown.  Then I gave them a very heavy dry brush of Vallejo 880 Khaki Gray and a lighter dry brush of 882 Middlestone.  I think they ended with the right yellowish green color.

This gives me a full Japanese infantry platoon.

I also finished up another 10 Russians for my Winter War (1939) project.  Zeb Cook and I are running a double blind Finland game at Cold Wars in a couple of weeks, and I thought I was short a couple of riflemen.  Again, these were in a flea market bag, so I’m not sure the manufacturers.

After texturing the bases with ceramic stucco, I painted them with dark chocolate and dry brushed them with territorial beige.  I then applied some of the Citadel Valhalla Blizzard to the bases for that snow effect.