Hover Tanks for LSNC: SciFi

I’m not sure I think that hovering tanks are very practical on a futuristic battlefield.  The cannot climb well, they are loud, they blow up a lot of dust and debris, and they are expensive.  The LCAC is useful for its purpose, but I am just not convinced of a general land battle use case.  In any event, the rules will support such vehicles, so I wanted to paint up a company of them for play testing purposes.  These are hovering tanks from Reaper CAV.

I wanted to have the effect of dust and debris being thrown around by the air, so I used some cotton batting painted with two colors of brown as you can see in the above picture.  The effect is okay on 10mm figures.

Added Some Weathering to 1:48 Scale Tanks

I tried something new this week.  I used some withering powders for model railroads to dirty up my 1:48 scale French tanks a bit.  I didn’t want to go crazy with the weathering effects, but I wanted to get some dirtiness to the undersides of the vehicles and the tracks.  When you compare these to the ones in the previous post, you can see the difference.  It is more apparent in person than in the photos, I think.

I also painted and weathered a couple of German Pz.Kfw. I light tanks.  The brown on the gray is much more apparent.