Weekend Works in Progress

I have shown pictures of 1:48 French tanks for my Historicon scenario in previous posts.  This past weekend I worked on the platoon of infantry to go along with them.

Platoon of French infantry for my 1940 Combat Patrol scenario at Historicon in July. These are done except for flocking the bases.

I am running two scenarios in the same French village, one in 1940 and one in 1944.

A closer look at the infantrymen.
The medium machine-gun team. This wouldn't have been organic to the platoon might might be found as an attachment. One thing I learned in the Army: when higher headquarters is willing to give you lots of heavy weapons and attachments, you are going to be in a very exciting place very soon.

In addition to the French figures, I also got started on a project that has been in my project queue for quite some time.  I am making a bunch of alien flying saucers.  I am going for the Day the Earth Stood Still look of no apertures and seam-free hull.

Kalttu baradda nikita!

I am making two types of flying saucers, larger “transports” and smaller “scouts.”

Works in progress of alien transport and scout flying saucers

The larger ships started life as a bowl for a microwave steamer meal.  The bottom of the hull is a paper plate.  The legs are made from coaxial cable connectors, some washers, and magnets.  The bottom and top hulls will come apart, and the legs may be removed for easy storage and transport.

The underside of the transport saucers

All of the saucers were sprayed black and then resprayed with this brushed silver paint.  I find that the silver covers much better over black than the bare plastic.

I think the best scenarios come from history.  I am working up a science fiction scenario based on Stirling’s Raiders attacks on German airfields in North Africa.  These space ships will substitute for the German aircraft.

A closer view of the scout saucers

The scout ships began as bowls from the dining car in an Amtrak train.  Some years back we took the sleeper train with the kids from Harper’s Ferry, WV, to Chicago, IL.  It was a very memorable experience.  In particular, the food was real food, not airline extruded meat paste.  I thought these bowls had a good flying saucer look to them.  Like the larger saucers, these are meant to come apart and nest for storage.

None of the saucers are completed.  I want to add a few details to all the ships and perhaps legs to the scout ships.

10mm science fiction anti-tank hunter-killer teams

I needed to place an order to Reaper.  To get free shipping, I added the above anti-tank teams to my order.  They painted very quickly.  From this picture, the camouflage pattern is difficult to see, but it turned out pretty well.

Finally, the reason I wanted to make an order to Reaper was to get the robot woman from Metropolis.  While I was at it, I also ordered the pulp-looking science fiction woman.  I had intended to give her purple hair like the moon base women in UFO, but somehow she was calling out to me to have green hair.

I have an extremely busy week and weekend ahead of my, but I hope to at least find time to flock the French infantry and put that effort to rest.


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