Darth Wader Attacks

Darth Wader leading a group of Archive Star Ducks.

My buddy Ma’k Morin (that’s Mark with a Massachusetts accent) found one of these Darth Wader figures a year and a half ago, and I have been coveting it ever since.  Both of you who follow my blog will know that I really enjoy figures of ducks and have built up both a fantasy and science fiction duck platoon.  The star ducks were missing their leader.

Darth Wader leads a group of Frinx who look like ducks in Stormtrooper uniforms to me.

For Christmas, Ma’k found a Darth Wader figure from someone in England (thanks Dave Wood), and he sent it to me in the mail.  Darth is well travelled, having gone across the Atlantic at least twice.  I was SO excited to get this figure in the mail, and sat right down and painted it.

Darth Wader faces Rebels.

Ma’k had hoped Darth Wader would arrive in time for my New Years Eve Star Wars game with Combat Patrol(TM), but it arrived just 24 hours late!  He will see action soon!

Pulp Figures Nazi Rockettruppen

I have had these Pulp Figures Rockettruppen figures in the painting queue for a while.  During the holidays, I was pretty busy with activities with family and friends, so I was looking for small projects that I could work in the mornings before others woke up.  These figures moved to the head of the queue.

Anyone familiar with Pulp Figures will recognize the Bob Murch sculpting style.  These are very nice figures — like all those from Pulp Figures.  I had hoped to finish them in time for the Duke Morrison Saves Christmas New Year’s Eve game (see earlier blog post), but I didn’t quite make it.  I decided to paint their uniforms in Luftwaffe gray blue, and I think they came out nicely.  The helmets are actually gray, but for some reason they look olive green in these pictures.

The figure sets even come with an MG-34, so you can build a plausible squad; although, there are  few too many pistols.  All in all, this was a fun project, and I like the way the figures turned out.

Harlequin Dr. Who UNIT Figures

Greg Priebe had a few extras of these old Dr. Who figures, and I think he is moving toward the newer releases.  They had been sitting in my painting queue for a while, so last week I knocked them out.

The sculpts are old-school 25mm figures, but when painted up, they look fine.

I am not sure when they’ll get on the table.  Greg is usually the one who runs Dr. Who games for the HAWKs.

Duke Morrison Saves Christmas

Santa’s Zeppelin ready for action.

The Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers rang in the new year with two games New Year’s Eve.  The first was a large Star Wars game with Combat Patrol (see a previous post on my blog).  The second was Duke Morrison Saves Christmas.  Duke Morrison is the character I use in most of my Pulp GASLIGHT games.  he is a steely eyed, barrel chested, tough as woodpecker lips, man among men.  He is usually accompanied by his trusty sidekicks, Ensign “Boats” Morgan and Sergeant “Wrench” Web, who can fix anything mechanical.  Often Duke is involved with rescuing Seraffini Nannini, expert on all things scientific, and his beautiful daughter and assistant, Gianna Nannini.  In this scenario, however, Seraffini and Gianna stayed home, but Santa was flying around in his magical zeppelin preparing to deliver toys to good boys and girls.  The Nazis, however, had other plans, so Duke, Boats, Wrench, toy soldiers, Christmas elves, characters from favorite Christmas cartoons, and others had to defend the zeppelin against Nazis, the Wicked Witch of the West and her mechanical flying monkeys, evil snowmen, and other baddies.

Hermie, Rudolph, and others control the Red Ryder carbine action range model air rifle with the compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.

The game was scheduled to end at 2355, in time to watch the ball drop on television, have some flaming figgy pudding, and a champaign toast.  The good guys had to gather the “treasures” from the movie A Christmas Story and get them on Santa’s sleigh before 2355, when the sleigh would magically disappear and begin its delivery journey.  Items of interest were the Red Ryder BB gun, the leg lamp, the “fragile” crate, bunny slippers, the “old man’s” turkey, and a blue ball and can of Simonize.

Santa’s sleigh awaiting the last few items in the midst of a melee.

The zeppelin was moored to the aerial dock near the North Pole.  Most of the bad guys began the game outside on the dock or hanging onto the nacelles.  The bad buys initially had trouble getting into the zeppelin, but eventually it became a major battle — suitable for a major award.

Nazis and evil snowmen advancing toward the zeppelin’s ramp.
A view of the interior of the zeppelin early in the game. You can see some Nazis and She Wolves toward the left, some flying mechanic monkeys on the right, and some teddy bears with popguns in the foreground. In the center is the sleigh awaiting the last six presents.
Another view of the interior of the zeppelin during the fight.
You can see Wrench Web in the middle of this picture.
The action continues, hot and heavy.
This is a long shot of the table just before the fighting began. Note the taco truck on the dock. Apparently this is the source of gas used to provide the zeppelin buoyancy.


In the end, the good guys were able to get all the treasures into the sleigh.  Santa had been incapacitated, but Ilsa (from Frozen) put on the coat and flew away with the sleigh to good boys and girls all over the world.

This game was a play test.  Chris and I will adjust slightly and run this game again at Cold Wars in March.