Five Days to Barrage


There are only FIVE days until Barrage.  This two-day gaming convention is sponsored by the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers.  See more information on events and logistics at

Five female space mercenaries plan to infiltrate Barrage. Will they find you there having fun?
Five Confederate soldiers prepare for Barrage.

Seven Days to Barrage

The Barrage, two-day gaming convention is only seven days away.  Go to and sign up now!  Don’t miss all the great games.  This is a low-key, high-fun annual event.

These seven space ducks are blasting their way to Barrage. Will you be left behind?

If you haven’t attended Barrage in the past, you are missing one of the best gaming events of the year.  We have over 50 gaming events, two Flames of War tournaments, an ADLG tournament, vendors, on-site food at reasonable prices, and fun, fun, fun.

If you go to you can see the listing of events and find directions, information about local hotels, etc.

Another Imperial Terrain Star Wars Building

Recently I posed a picture of a building from Imperial Terrain that my daughter painted.  Here is one that I painted this weekend.  This is the desert farm building.  The cylindrical structure is many to be a communications array of some sort.

In the previous post I showed how we masked a bunch of the building, sprayed it with fleckstone paint, removed the tape, and primed it brown.  The doors on this building come out so that they can be opened or closed.  They slide in and out very easily.

Women at War: Venus 1889

In previous posts I showed pictures of the clockwork, unicycle cavalry from this line of figures by Joe Corsaro.  I also showed the rocket battery.  This weekend I completed the 20 infantry and the command group for this female legion.

Joe recently made available the “official” flags, so you can see the standard bearer holding one.

I took this one with the flash in an attempt to show some of the detail.

These figures took quite a while.  Lots of colors and lots of details.

I painted them in sort of British Napoleonic uniforms, with red blouses and gray skirts.  I’m not sure why I painted the helmets black, but the seem to fit with the overall color scheme.