Commandos Strike at Dawn

This Saturday, Greg and I ran our commando raid game with Combat Patrol(TM).  From the play test a couple of weeks ago we added a few more commandos, but the commandos actually did worse!

Commandos sneaking through he woods.

The commandos started well, keeping to the woods to avoid being spotted.  But then things went badly, and the commandos made some bad calls.

The fighting begins.

The commandos entered a patch of woods from two directions.  They activated first, and discovered a german team in the woods, but the Germans hadn’t spotted them yet.  Because of the alert level, the Germans weren’t able to move.  Instead of moving to avoid contact, the Commandos charged into them.  This was their first big mistake.  The German player “rolled” exceedingly well in hand to hand combat, making noise, killing a commando, and raising the alert level even farther.

The fighting grows.

This is when the commandos made their second mistake that sealed their fate.  Instead of holding this German team with one group of commandos and continuing to the objective with the other three, they pushed everyone into a general engagement.  This raised the alert level farther, releasing German reinforcements, and bogged the commandos down far from their objective for several turns.  Though the commandos got the upper hand eventually, by they time they cleared the woods (which was not a part of their objective), the German reinforcements had arrived, and other units were released to move to the sound of the guns.

A Pz 38(t) advances.

The Germans had pretty well cut off commando access to the chateau with the general they were trying to kill.  The Pz 38(t) arrived and gunned down the only two commandos who got near the chateau (despite the coax jamming).  At this point, the commando players failed their player morale, and we called the game a German victory.

Despite the lopsided outcome, the players had a good time, I think.  It was a nice group of players who were there to have a good time, so it was a fun game.

Friday Feudal Fracas

The War of the Roses game begins.

Friday night at our club meeting, Chris ran a game using Feudal Patrol.  Feudal Patrol is the under-development version of Combat Patrol(TM) that is more for mediaeval games (or games in which there is more melee than shooting).  This is still very much under development, but it is at a stage where it is playable.

The table layout early in the game.

The game involved a baggage train that was desired by both sides.  Seeing armies approaching, the civilian drovers bugged out, leaving the wagons and supplies for either side to loot.

One side nears the baggage train.

I have play test card decks that are in their fourth revision.  I think they are getting pretty stable.  One thing I am thinking about changing as a result of the game on Friday is armor.  Right now, if the hit location icon is red, the target’s shield doesn’t count.  If the hit location is yellow, it does count if that area is covered by the shield.  I was thinking about making two or three of the icons black.  In this case it would be that lucky hit that cancels out all armor.

Lord Hawke’s Banner.

We had some questions about how cavalry works.  I think we just need to re-read the original rules on cavalry and the modified rules in the Napoleonic supplement.  As much as possible, I’d like to keep the cavalry rules in Feudal Patrol the same as the Napoleonic supplement for Combat Patrol to avoid confusion.

A wide shot of advancing Lancastrians.

In general, I think people were pleased with the rules.