Stuff I Did This Weekend

This was an unusually hobby-filled weekend. Friday night was HAWKs club night. I hosted another play test of the Wars of Ozz rules for Old Glory on Saturday. On Sunday, I painted some figures that have been staring at me on the painting table for a while.

This is a shot of the game Friday night. Wars of Ozz will be a “big battle” game, with regiments of 20 figures plus a mounted leader. For these play tests we have been using ersatz figures, because the figures are not in production yet.

I have been working on a set of rules, called Wars of Ozz, for Old Glory to go along with a new line of figures. Both rules and figures should be in full production and for sale by March 2020. Friday night was the first test outside the small group that has been involved while the project was secret. Now that Russ has posted some news about the project on TMP, I can talk about it a little.

Another view of the table.

Saturday we held another play test of the rules with a smaller group. I am working on just a few things to get the Reaction Test chart correct. Then I have to work a little on the named generals and wizards. I am hoping to have it done by Christmas.

After we finished the Wars of Ozz game, we broke out gladiators for an hour or hacking and slashing.
The crowd cheers!
Greg’s gladiatrix bites the dust.
The second game pitted Greg and Chris against a rhino, hippo, and lion. The animals won.

On Sunday I had a chance to paint these Imperial Assault figures that have been sitting on my painting table, mocking me, for months.

The crew from the Phantom in Star Wars Rebels along with Asoka Tank.