Feudal Patrol(TM) Overview

Feudal Patrol™ is a set of miniature wargaming rules for skirmish actions in the ancient, medieval, and fantasy periods, including rules for armor, various weapons, cavalry, and magic without tying you to any particular world vision.  Whether you fancy Roman Legionnaires battling with Germans or Picts, Border Reivers rustling cattle, Aztecs fighting Conquistadors, woodland Indians versus 17th century colonists, Vikings, Robin Hood or William Tell, Normans versus Saxons, or some other pre-flintlock period, these rules provide a fun and dramatic gaming experience.  Pick up these rules and use the figures you have to get started immediately.

Feudal Patrol’s™ card-based Double Random™ Activation mechanism provides drama and unpredictability but enables leaders to influence the activation sequence.  Based on the popular Combat Patrol™ mechanics, the intuitive, card-based combat resolution eliminates the need for most charts and tables, speeding play without sacrificing realism.

The rule book is divided into introductory rules to get started quickly, full rules, and fantasy rules.  Each section includes several scenarios Feudal Patrol™ is supported by many free supplements, and the author is available on the Combat Patrol™ Facebook page and GreatWargmingRules group on Groups.io.  Two Action Decks and an Activation deck are included with the rules.  Unit record sheets are provided in the rules, but they are also available as PDF downloads.