HAWKs Overview

Harford Area Weekly Kriegsspielers

Harford County, Maryland

Collage by Michael Fischer, 2014

The gaming group I game with is called HAWKs, short for Harford Area Weekly Kriegsspielers. We play mostly, but not exclusively, historical miniatures games; although, we also do role playing games (e.g., Dungeons and Dragons), board games, and card games.  We play mostly multi-player games with three to four players on a side.  This is in Harford County, just Northeast of Baltimore, near the US Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground. We are not located near Hartford, Connecticut, as people sometimes assume.


We game on the first, third, and (when there is one) fifth Friday evening at Grove Presbyterian Church in Aberdeen, Maryland.  See the map below.  Park in the rear and follow the signs to the room on the second floor where we game.  We generally have two games scheduled for each HAWKs night.  It can range from ancient warfare and WWII to Victorian science fiction and stompy robots.  Send an Email to surdu@acm.org if you are interested in attending to confirm the date of the next HAWKs night.  Sometimes local conventions preempt our normal gaming night.


The HAWKs run a two-day gaming convention each year, called Barrage. See https://tabletop.events/conventions/barrage-2022 for information.