A Union So Tested

A Union So Tested is the second rule set to feature the Look, Sarge, No Charts!(TM) rule system. Look, Sarge, No Charts: ACW features dynamic mechanics that allow the players to fight the battle, not the rules. Players command a division or more. In these rules realism is gained through simple mechanics that stress the players decision making. Do not assume, however, that this means that A Union So Tested is a bag-full-of-dice and sixes hit system. Six years have gone into the systems in this booklet. When you play A Union So Tested, you will be challenged and excited.



Look, Sarge, No Charts: American Civil War has a number of unique innovations that together create an exciting experience for the long-time gamer as well as the younger novice. These include:


  • Innovative “double” random card- and dice-based activation system that provides the drama and unpredictability of card-based activation while avoiding having everyone standing around watching one person at a time perform actions.
  • Startlingly simple spotting system that is fast and realistic — without the need for complex charts with stacks of modifiers.
  • Absolutely unique morale system. There is no morale phase, yet morale is important to the game. Results of morale failure are are quickly resolved.
  • Chartless combat resolution. Everything you need to conduct combat is on the labels on the backs of the bases. This takes into account weapon types and defensive value of terrain without dozens of modifiers.


The net result is a game that allows players to make the decisions appropriate to division commanders. In A Union So Tested, players fight the battle, not the rules. If you pass by a table on which a Look, Sarge, No Charts game is being played, and then come back an hour later, the table will look completely different. This is not one of those systems that looks and feels more like Marathon than Manasas. Good tactics are rewarded; bad tactics are punished.



These images are good representations of what the table looks like during game play. Notice the lack of big pink rectangles (i.e., chart cards) to clutter the aesthetics of the table.


A staged shot of the Angle at Gettysburg.


You can purchase a PDF version of A Union So Tested at Wargames Vault.

You can purchase a soft cover book from On Military Matters.

Useful Downloads:

You can download a pdf version of the base labels here.

You can download a PowerPoint version of the base labels here.

You can download a roster to use instead of the base labels here.