How to Get Started

I have described on these pages the unique and exciting mechanics of Combat Patrol(TM): WWII.  The unique, but intuitive, mechanics streamline play and let the players focus on the game, not the rules.  I have also provided links to videos to help you see if the mechanics suit your tastes.  These pages include lots of free supplements, play aids, and other cool stuff.


If I have convinced you that the Combat Patrol(TM): WWII is a great set of rules, how do you get them?


This document provides a description of how to get started with Combat Patrol.


The game was originally intended to be print-on-demand cards and pdf download of the rules only.  Eventually players demanded a printed rule book.  The print-on-demand cards are available through DriveThruCards.  There are two sets of cards, Set A and Set B.  Each set comes with four Action Decks and an Activation Deck.  The only difference between these sets of cards are the colors of the back of the cards.  If you purchase both sets, you get eight different colored backs.  Otherwise the Action Decks are identical.   Why would you need more than four sets?  It depends on the size games you run.  For me the sweet spot for convention participation games is six players, and it is useful for each player to have their own Action Deck.  You can order Set A from DriveThruCards here. You can order Set B from DriveThruCards here.


Both Sally 4th in the UK and On Military Matters in the US carry Combat Patrol and sell starter sets.  These starter sets include the full, color, printed rule book along with two Action Decks and an Activation Deck.  This is all you need for a one-on-one game with a buddy.

Order from Sally 4th.

Order from On Military Matters.