2011 Vacation: Day Fourteen: Mt. Killington Area

Today was a bit of a slow day, picture-wise.  My digital camera has been acting squirrelly lately.  Today it ate about half my pictures from the walk around Leffert’s Pond.  I’ve liked this Kodak; it’s been a good camera.  It looks like it’s days are numbered, however.  I don’t suppose digital cameras can even be repaired.

I began the day with a six-mile run, which seemed to be all uphill.  There WAS one stretch of a mile and half uphill that was pretty difficult.  We had a nice breakfast, featuring freshly made blueberry pancakes, at the hotel.  (Blueberries seem to be the only thing I like that’s actually good for me!)

Then we were off for a hike.

View of the reservoir near Leffert's Pond
View of the reservoir near Leffert's Pond

Near Mt. Killington is Leffert’s Pond.  It was a nice walk past lakes and streams.  At one point the trail split and we headed off in what we thought was the right direction.  (It turned out we WERE correct.)  The trail brought us through some marshy areas, which involved gingerly skirting the edges of morasses.  We had thought the hike was supposed to be “easy,” so we didn’t wear proper shoes.  Despite that, it was a very enjoyable hike.

Leffert's Pond
Leffert's Pond

It’s hard to beat these kinds of views!

After our walk around Leffert’s Pond, we headed to Pico Mountain ski resort.  They have an Alpine Slide, which is like a dry, warm bobsled ride.  You sit in little plastic sleds and then careen down the side of a mountain through fiberglass troughs at high speed with little control.  It’s great fun.  You take the ski lift to the top, where you grab a sled and slide down the mountain.  In addition Candy and the kids did a bungee cord trampoline thing, and we all played miniature golf.  After five or six runs down the mountain, we called it a day and headed down the highway to Connecticut to our hotel.  Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day at Six Flags New England.

Chair lift at Pico Mountain Advenatures
Chair lift at Pico Mountain Adventures

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