Gottweg Abbey, Krems

The day of the Wachau Valley cruise, we also stopped at Krems to visit the Gottweg Abbey.  They abbey was impressive.  The tour ended in the gift shop for some wine tasting, as the abbey seems to be famous for its wines, and it is in the Wachau Valley, which is wine country.

There are less than 50 monks in the abbey. Many of them also perform as priests in the many local parishes. This is a view over the wall of the abbey at a nearby local church.
The entrance to the abbey grounds
The group milling about.
Interior of the Abbey grounds
One of the ceiling frescoes within the abbey.
The fresco ceiling and one of the walls.
The front of the church within the abbey
The church altar. There was a crypt below the altar with some relics.


We had a little time after returning from the abbey, so then Dave and I hike into the hills around Krems for an hour.

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