HAWKs run Games for Kids at Historicon

As usual, the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielsers ran several games focusing on kids at Historicon.  Below is a quick rundown on some of them.

Navies for Kids Giveaway

Buck Surdu ran a game in which a group of kids were given a box full of boats and other materials.  They then chose sales for a stack of patterns and colored them.  Then we helped them hot glue the sails to the masts.  With a set of rules designed for this game, we ran a naval action pitting side A against side B.  When the game was over, the kids took hope their two decorated boats, two more the assemble, rules, dice, measuring sticks, a sea cloth, and everything they would need to run the game at home for their buddies.

Some of the kids inspecting their supplies
Decorating sails
Getting help to hot glue the sails to their masts
Waiting patiently
The game in full swing
The kids and their loot

Armies for Kids Giveaway

We worked all year through a series of club painting days and other events to build six complete sets of armies (one French and one Prussian) for a 15mm Franco-Prussian War giveaway.  As in previous years, the kids played the game and then each went home with a French Army, a Prussian Army, terrain, dice, tape measures, and a ground cloth.

Some of the kids playing the FPW game
Another view of the game in progress
Duncan puts a set of figures back together after the game.
Putting sets together to hand out to the kids.

Santa Duncan hands out loot
Duncan and the six lucky kids

Chris Johnson’s Award-Winning ACW Kids’ Game

Chris was presented an award from the convention staff for this kids’ game.

Eric Schlegel’s Award-Winning ACW Kid’s Game

Duncan Adams’ Lionheart Game for Kids

Geoff Graff’s Award-Winning Lego Pirate Game for Kids

This has been a perennial favorite in the HAWKs rooms for many years.  Geoff never fails to keep the kids entertained and engaged!

The game gets under way.
You can tell that Geoff enjoys these games as much as the kids
A boat full of Lego pirates. The ship comes apart to reveal the lower decks.


The answer to my question, "Who had fun?"
A happy Geoff and some happy kids -- or maybe that's redundant...