Some Miscellaneous Figures

An armored rider on an armored mount — very historical.

I was gone for work the past two weekends.  in fact by the time I returned on Sunday night, I had already worked over 80 hours this two week pay period — and still had five days left.  I did manage, two weeks ago, however, to get a few things painted.  I had the Conquistador figure (above) painted for quite some time, but I was looking for just the right mount.  I found this spiky turtle creature in a bin at Historicon last month, and it called to me.

Several weeks ago, I scored some old Archive space dwarves on Ebay, and I had a chance to paint them up.

Space Dwarf Pirates from Archive Miniatures
More space dwarves from Archive

I had piggy backed on an order by Chris for Reaper Bones MCMDXLII for some snake men, a giant alligator, and a few other odds and end.  I managed to paint the alligator before disappearing for ten days.

Reaper Bones alligator

Finally, many months ago, when I ordered some Warlord bren carriers to get the crews (see previous post on this topic), they came with a kit to make some smoke markers.  Mark’s recent post about making smoke markers for What a Tanker reminded me that I had this in the to-do box.  While watching on TV with CINC domicile, I put them together.

Smoke markers from Warlord.

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