The next morning we found ourselves in Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia.  We took the panoramic bus tour around town and up to the castle.  This portion of the trip seemed rushed.  We took the quick bus tour, walked around downtown for a few minutes, and then got back on the boat.  Another two hours would have been a perfect amount of time to explore downtown a little more.

Our first view of Bratislava. This was right across from where our boat was moored.
The rather modern “UFO” bridge from our boat. The UFO is actually a rotating restaurant.
Departing the boat for our panoramic tour.
Bratislava castle in the distance.
The interior grounds of Bratislava castle.
The gardens behind Bratislava castle.
A church downtown.
The main square in downtown Bratislava.
Bratislava is known for its whimsical statues, like this Napoleonic soldier.
Legend says that if a young woman touches this figures hat, she’ll get pregnant, and if an old woman touches his hat, she’ll get money. The story behind this is that during communist times, people got paid for doing nothing, and nothing got done.
The Danube with the setting sun.

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